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  • Why Choose Us
    Sports Therapy
    We are experienced and effective in rehabilitating sports injuries such as ligaments, tendons, and chronic pain.
  • Injuries We Treat
    IMPACT Health Clinic
    Full-service, all-in-one physiotherapy and massage clinic for sports and non-sports related injury recovery.
  • Find your Injury
    Evidence-based physiotherapy focuses on detailed, accurate assessments and customized programs for rapid recovery.
  • Find your Injury
    Headache and Dizziness Clinic
    Physiotherapists certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation help you get your balance back.


IMPACT Health Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinics in Innisfail and Didsbury, Alberta, take a holistic, tailored approach to recovery and healing.

You meet your health and recovery goals to return to active living with a blend of modern technology and compassionate, individualized care.

Impact Health Physiotherapy has an enviable reputation for successful treatment of sports injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, and work-related injuries. You are in good hands, here. We treat your chronic pain condition successfully, even if you gave up hope for finding relief.

We also successfully address disability claims, custom orthotics, vertigo and balance issues.

Our Services

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Tapping into your body’s trigger points, painful pressure releases to allow your body to heal.
K-Laser Therapy

K-Laser Therapy

Class IV Therapeutic Laser delivers optimal treatment outcomes with the most advanced technology.
Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Acoustic waves trigger biological effects that hasten longer-term healing and tissue rejuvenation.

Pre and Post-Operative Rehab

Pre and Post-Operative Rehab

Physiotherapy both before and after joint replacement and other surgeries helps speed up full recovery.


The deep healing powers of acupuncture help you overcome chronic pain.
Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

We work with your physician and the Workers’ Compensation Board to ensure proper healing from your injury.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident

Working with your doctor and insurance provider, you receive the most appropriate physiotherapy to ensure maximum recover
Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

A full line of custom orthotics helps patients with a variety of foot and body alignment issues.

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