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Param Singh - Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner 

An excellent education, a wealth of experience and an analytical mindset are the qualities that distinguish Param Singh as a physiotherapist and clinic owner.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy in 2012 and spent the next year working within the hospital system in Northern India to develop a broad understanding of such diverse areas as stroke rehabilitation, acute care orthopedics and medicine, Intensive Care Unit challenges, geriatrics and sports injury rehabilitation.

Since 2015, he has been continually advancing his knowledge base with ongoing coursework in dry needling, acupuncture, manual therapy, laser therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and whiplash injury management.

He has obtained multiple levels of certification in a variety of laser therapy courses including BioFlex and K-Laser USA.

He earned his Acupuncture Level 1 credentials from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute and his manual therapy courses included Mulligan Techniques and the level orthopedic courses organized by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

In his approach to his practice, Param’s focus is unwaveringly on the needs of his patients. He helps each person to set reachable goals and gives them guidance on how to achieve them.

He has found that he achieves the best outcomes when treatment is focused on education and exercise, and often augmented by manual therapy, dry needling and acupuncture.

It’s often said that active people make the best physiotherapists and Param is highly qualified in that regard. He grew up focused on team sports, especially polo, volleyball and cricket.

When it comes to working with clients, Param is thorough and engaged. He rises to difficult diagnostic challenges and has great success in treating chronic stiff necks, shoulder injuries, trochanteric bursitis and iliotibial (IT) band syndrome.

While he considers himself a generalist at heart, his sport background helps him be particularly effective in patients suffering from shoulder, back or neck injuries.

Ryan Reyes - Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner 

IMPACT Health Didsbury

Ryan graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy back in 2004. He then moved to Canada and started working initially as a personal trainer spending most training with corrective exercise coaching and post-rehab clients.

In 2013, he qualified to be in the first Alberta Internationally Educated Physiotherapist Bridging Program at the University of Alberta.

Ryan is now a licensed Physiotherapist in Canada and has been practicing clinically since 2015. He incorporates manual therapy, dry needling, cupping and some electrical modalities into his practice. The bulk of the treatment though is one-on-one exercise instruction and education.
Certified Personal Trainer

Ryan started working in the fitness industry in 2005. With the physiotherapy education as his foundation, he further acquired certifications with other organizations to include the American Council on Exercise, Stott Pilates, Physical Yoga and CanFitPro. He then blended training and physical rehabilitation to formulate a systematic progression for his clients be it in training or therapy.

Education and Certificates

- BScPhysiotherapy (2004) San Juan de Dios College
- Alberta Physio Bridging Program (2014) University of Alberta
- CanFitPro PTS (2018)
- Stott Pilates Mat Level 1 (2009)
- ACE Personal Trainer Course (2006)
- Spinal Manipulative Therapist
- Biomedical Dry Needling
- IASTM (Rockblade)
- Physical Yoga
- K-tape certification
- Dynamic Cupping Therapy
- Laser Therapy Certified

Anju Menon - Physiotherapist 

IMPACT Health Didsbury 

Anju has completed her Bachelors in Physiotherapy in 2004 and Masters in Physiotherapy in 2007 from India and has experience in a variety of clinical settings and possesses various specialised qualifications from Canada. Her interests are primarily treating musculoskeletal/orthopedic conditions, sport injury rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation and women’s health and pelvic floor assessment and rehabilitation. Anju uses a variety of treatment techniques that combines various forms of manual therapy, IMS/dry needling, modalities, home exercise programs and lifestyle modifications.

After she relocated to Calgary from Dubai in 2015, she has worked in various service settings such as Alberta Health Services , community health care centers , school based physiotherapy intervention for kids with complex medical needs and equipment , private outpatient clinics and possess vast experience in treating MVA , WCB and private clients across the board with multiple clinical conditions across all demographics .

With over 10 years of work experience in both clinical and non-clinical aspects within the medical industry, her primary focus is for her patients to get back to what they enjoy doing the most and believes in empowering and educating them to participate in their recovery through a patient focused rehabilitation approach in order to attain their functional goals and expectations.

Anju lives in Airdrie with her family and has 2 young boys. When not working, she likes to visit the library with the kids and volunteer at her son’s school and is an active advocate for inclusion of differently abled children in various social settings.

Sara Willert - Registered Massage Therapist

IMPACT Health Didsbury

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, Sara decided to pursue massage therapy. She graduated in 2006 from the Alberta Institute of Massage and has been practicing ever since.

Sara is dedicated and passionate about finding the cause of the pain/dysfunction and treating accordingly through different massage techniques, stretching and self care advice; while working alongside the physiotherapists. She developed an interest in the body and how it works while playing multiple sports growing up and while in university.

Sara enjoys taking continuing education to increase her knowledge and to better help her clients. Sara uses all the tools in her toolbox to give the best treatment possible, getting her clients back to enjoying life. The most recent courses that she has taken are Rapid Neurofascial Reset for upper and lower body, and these have proved to be very beneficial in her treatments.

Mark Cabrera - Physiotherapist 

IMPACT Health Innisfail and Didsbury

Mark Cabrera obtained his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy degree at Angeles University foundation in the Philippines. He graduated Cum Laude of his class and Rank 11 out of the 662 who passed the Philippine Licensure Examination for Physical Therapist in February 2004.

Prior to coming to Canada in 2005, he practiced in a hospital setting where he dealt with general orthopedics and various neurological conditions. He was part of the first cohorts of the Alberta Internationally Educated Physical Therapist Bridging Program from the University of Alberta prior to obtaining his registration. He has since worked in private practice and has been dealing with various musculoskeletal conditions, pre and post surgical care, wellness training and injury prevention.

Mark evaluates and treats with a holistic approach that combines knowledge and understanding of local anatomy and function within the context of the whole body structure, function and movement patterns. He believes that active rehabilitation with proper education is the key to help clients restore their mobility, strength, and function.

Mark is a McKenzie-trained physical therapist, certified by Acupuncture Canada, and has training in Functional Capacity Evaluationin. He likes to keep himself up to date with the current evidence regarding treatment by attending courses and seminars like in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and pain disorder management.
Mark Is alo a plant enthusiast. When he is not busy helping clients he looks after his
Indoor plants which he has at least 300 of them.

Kelly Jonsson - Registered Massage Therapist 

IMPACT Health Innisfail

Kelly had been living in the Innisfail area for 15 years. She moved here to get out of the city and loves rural life- except for the winter driving! She is a home schooling mother of 7 children (including twins!) and now also has a son-in-law.

Kelly became a massage therapist because massage has made such a difference in her life. She had repetitive strain injury in her shoulders and arms from her previous work, and regular massage made all the difference. For that reason, she loves working on shoulders and can sympathize with your pain.

She is passionate about Somatic/Body- Based Therapies. We Unconciously hold emotional trauma in our bodies, which manifests as pain. She spent several years working to become a Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, but for practical reasons decided to pursue Massage Therapy instead. Her experience with the Rosen Method helps to inform her of what clients are dealing with when they come in to see her.

As a massage therapist, she offers a practical and confident therapeutic touch, as well as a safe space to rest and relax under her hands.


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